UPDATE JULY, 19, 2017

How to use?

1.Unboxing FUZE

Here is a Fuze Card unboxing.

Fuze Card comes with the card itself, a user manual, an eCharger, a card reader, and micro usb cable.

We’ll look at what’s in the box.

Fuze Card

The pin connector located on the left of the card is a port for charging.

Fuze Card’s display is located on the bottom right-hand corner with 3 buttons underneath.

We’ll describe the buttons in detail on future chapters.

User Manual

The user manual is located beneath the card.

The Front side includes information regarding specification of the card and various accessories.

The back side includes information regarding the use of the card.

eCharger & Card Reader

The card reader and eCharger is located underneath the user manual.



eCharger has a built-in battery which allows you to charge on-the-go.



Insert the card via an opening on the right side of the charger,

and press the button on the charger to start charging.



The LED on the charger will be red while charging, and green when the charging is complete.

A Fully charged eCharger can regenerate the Fuze card 3~5 times.

It takes around 90 mins to fully charge the eCharger and it approximately

30 mins to fully charge the FuzeCard.



Card reader is used to add payment cards or magnetic membership cards

to the FuzeCard via our smartphone app.



4. Micro USB charging cable

You’ll be faced with a paper divider once you take out the eCharger and card reader.

Using the hold in the middle, lift the paper divider to find a micro USB cable.

This micro USB cable is used for charging the eCharger.



Make sure you have all the items laid out in this guide before beginning the set-up process.

We highly recommend charging your card before beginning the set-up process.

We’ll go through detailed set-up process in our next chapter of the guide