FuzeW -wireless bitcoin hardware wallet
FuzeW -wireless bitcoin hardware wallet

FuzeW -wireless bitcoin hardware wallet




FuzeW is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet and does not support any payment features. Make sure before place an order.

Keep bitcoin secure

Online exchanges and wallet providers are susceptible to hacking.
Starting with the iconic crypto hack Mt.Gox of $460million theft, cryptocurrency exchange hacks surpassed $1.3billion by 1Q 2019.

Store your bitcoin securely offline where hackers can't access.

The most secure bitcoin wallet

Completely isolated and independent

Seed generation, Passphrase entry and Device recovery are all isolated within the FuzeW card device, and independent from the online platform.

Certified Secure Element IC chip

Keep your digital assets safe and secure offline, with a EAL5+ certified, secure element IC which meets the highest rating of financial application security standards.


Private key is stored within an EAL 5+ certified Secure IC Chip.


Constructed from an injection mold structure.

PIN protected

Operation is protected  with 10-digit  PIN.

Reliable back up

With a confidential 24 recovery phrase.

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies

1047 Coin and tokens including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XRP and ERC20
are already supported with more being added every month.

Always with you 

Hackers penetrate vulnerability. If everyday security is not secured, then nothing is secure at all.
Carry your bitcoin securely with you, wherever you go.

Supports mobile connections

FuzeW can connect to your laptop and mobile device
via a Bluetooth connection.
You can transfer anywhere, whether you’re at home or outside.

Thin, 0.84mm -ISO Standard-

With the ISO standard width of a normal credit card,
the FuzeW fits into any wallet, so you can carry it
with you wherever you go.

IP68 grade water & dust proof

Made to ensure IP68 grade water and dust proof quality.
Your assets are securely protected from the elements,
anywhere you go.

Download the FuzeW companion app, 'W manager'

Most simple & Easy access to your bitcoin.

Available on Play Store and App Store.

What if I lost my FuzeW?

No worries needed.

Protected Key Operations

Operations with private and public keys are
only allowed with user authorization, via PIN.

Reliable Backup & Recovery

You can easily recover backups via your personal, 24 word-long recovery seed.

Remote Wipe

Your FuzeW will protects itself by clearing all data
and reverting to factory settings
when error input of PIN, 5 times or more is detected.

month-long battery life 

Lasts 30 days per charge.
Portable power bank holds 1 extra charge for travel.

It's not that difficult! We Can Help You

Are you unfamiliar with the use of hardware wallet?
You are always welcome to join our community.
Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime you have any inquiries or need assistance.

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Box Contents

1 Hardware wallet,  1 Portable charging cradle, 1 USB cable, 5 Recovery sheets

Please note

Import taxes, customs duties and any fees associated with the clearance process may be applicable and charged by the carrier and/or customs agencies.
Please contact your local customs services for more detailed information before placing your order.  Refunds will not be given if you refuse to pay any applicable taxes or customs fees.

FuzeW HS code(Customs code) : 8471.80.9000.

Product details

HW spec-
DimensionsCredit card size 85.5(L) x 54(H) x 0.84(T) mm
Display0.8mm e-paper
Operating temperature14℉ - 122℉ / -10℃ - 50℃
Card batteryDC 3.8V / 13mAh Lithum-Polymer
Battery lifeRegular use (4-5 times a day) - roughly 4 weeks
Standby - 90~150 days
Recharging time~1.5 hours
ConnectionsBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
CertificationsFCC Certification & ISO Quality Management Certification
Bitcoin spec-
BIP-32Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
BIP-39Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys
BIP-44Multi-account Hierarchy for Deterministic wallets
Seed creation
Generate seed seed directly on the card
Using True Random Number Generator(TRNG)
Cryptography supportsymmetric CryptoAlgorithm : DES, 3-DES, AES
Asymmetric CryptoAlgorithm : RSA, ECDSA secp 256K1, (EDDSA 25519. 2019.2Q)
Key length
  - DES : 64 / 128 / 192
  - AES : 128 / 192 / 256
  - RSA : 512 / 736 / 768 / 896 / 1024 / 1280 / 1536 / 1984 / 2048

Message Digest : SHA, SHA256, SHA512, KECCAK256, RIPEMD160
Supported Padding Rule
  - DES / TDES : NOPAD / ISO9797_M1 / ISO9797_M2 / ISO9797_1_M2_ALG3
iOSRequires iOS 8.0 or later
Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Requires Android 5.0 or later