Fuze Card offers remote lock and wipe technology, NFC and EMV Chip control, and ability to connect to 30 cards.
Fuze Card comes only in black.
Fuze Card comes in a single size.
Fuze Card is 0.03in thin (just like a regular credit card), has flexible display/battery.
Fuze Card without EMV Chip technology does not support NFC technology. To use ID and access cards with Fuze Card, you will need the EMV chip version.
Not at this time. Only one Fuze Card can be registered to one Fuze Card app account at a time.

Fuze Card offers convenience that derives from consolidating all your cards into a single card with a Mag stripe that has much higher readability rate than any other smart card.
The battery will last 30 days of usage on average.
Fuze card is 85.5mmx54mmx0.8mm. It weighs 6g.
After adding all your cards to Fuze Card via smartphone app/reader, you'll use it like a regular credit card.
Fuze card uses Bluetooth & NFC technology.
Fuze Card is water resistant.
Currently manufacturing is in South Korea.

Yes, the app works with Android phones and iPhones.
The app is currently available on the app store as bpay manager.
Some of app functions are available on a web browser.
Fuze Card connects to your phone via a bluetooth connection
Separation alerts, remote information wipe, the ability to add and remove cards. We'll be adding more features moving forward.
Yes, Fuze Card's firmware upgrades are available via the app

You'll need to download the Fuze Card app, create an account, and load up to 30 card via the eReader for set up. Full instructions will be included with your pre-order.
Simply press and hold the power button.
via buttons on the card.
Fuze Card is water resistant. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and dry.

Fuze Card is recommended for ages 18 and over.
You can use it anywhere a magstrip card or barcode card is accepted and most places where EMV chip or NFC technology is accepted.
Fuze Card is safe.
We currently have FCC and ISO certifications.
Fuze Card is as durable as your regular credit cards and just as flexible.
All payment information is stored within encrypted chip (AES 256). Your data is not stored in our servers or even on your smartphone app.
There are added features like separation alerts, card location tracking, remote wipe, and tap code entry on the card that add extra security.

We offer a 90-day warranty for any defective devices.
Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; at some point we will need to lock refunds in order to go into production & shipment. We will not be able to refund orders once they've shipped.
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