Development progress

of the Fuze multi EMV chip card

Hardware development

EMV chip embedded card development (completed in 2017)


Software development

FuzeEMV wallet app development (completed in 2018)


TSM service integration (completed in 2018)


* TSM, a trusted service manager, is an end-to-end security ensured bridge between multiple banks(issuers), SIM/UICC cards, and the Fuze card. It manages the payment account throughout its life cycle. The encrypted data package ceases to function if intercepted and can be securely loaded to the Fuze card OTA. 

Tokenization server integration (completed in 2018)


* FuzeEMV wallet system supports Visa VTS and Master card MDES token service.

Demonstration of the Fuze multi EMV chip card transaction

Business development

As a final step to complete the Fuze multi EMV chip card, we are making a constant effort to on-board issuers.
If you are interested in joining our wallet platform as a player, please feel free to reach out to us.