Project updates

What is Vault by Fuze?

Vault by Fuze is an HW key storage for your keys that enable EMV payment, blockchain transaction, and log-in more securely.
We provide ultimate convenience not only in payment but also in using cryptocurrency with this security vault.

Multi EMV payment

Barcode memberships

Cryptocurrency wallet

Password manager

2FA (Google Authenticator)

News updates

BrilliantTS signed NDA with network brands for EMVCo certification

We've signed NDA to get assistance for EMVCo certification from network brands. 

BrilliantTS has registered in EMVCo for EMVCo approval

We've registered to EMVCo to process EMVCo L1 certification which is required to enable EMV payment on an IoT/wearable device. 

wearonize and BrilliantTS close partnership for enablement of payment devices from BrilliantTS and market entry in Europe & USA

We gain access to the wearonize banking network, which, with more than 65 banking institutions, is the largest network of banks and card issuers in Europe with this partnership. Roll-out in the U.S planned either with their network.

Development progress

Hardware development
Tokenization system integration

For inquiries regarding any partnership or exclusive distribution in your region, contact us by email below.