Digital minimalist wallet

Store up to 30 different cards in a single, 0.03 inch-thin device.

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What is FuzeCard

A single digital minimalist wallet which consolidates your whole wallet.

Supportable card types

(Mag-stripe only)

Gift card

card (Barcode)


How it works

Fuze Card is a hardware device. It charges no extra fees.

Load your magnetic stripe card, or barcode card.
Once you select a card to use by using the buttons on the card,
It will starts to emulate the selected card's data.

All you have to do is just swipe it through POS machine.

How it works

Load your magnetic stripe card or barcode card.
Once you select a card to use by using the buttons on the card,
it will start to emulate the selected card's data.

All you have to do is just swipe it through a POS machine.




If your mobile phone has no audio jack, 
please use the Lightening to Aux Cable to connect the reader dongle.





What if I lost my FuzeCard?

No worries needed.

Passcode protected

Turning on the device, selecting the card you want to pay, and emulating payment signals are only allowed with user authorization, via PIN.

Location tracking

Receive notification when you've left Fuze Card behind or if it's on the move without you.

Auto-wipe technology

Fuze card protects itself by clearing all data and reverting to factory settings when a passcode entry error is detected 5 or more times.

Unique product features

Same thickness as a credit card

The same size as a credit card, and also the same thickness as a credit card.

Water/dust resistant

IP68 grade water/dust proof qualified.
If the card gets wet, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth.

Rechargeable battery & month-long battery life

FuzeCard includes a rechargeable battery.
It lasts as long as a month with a single charge on standard usage.

Customer reviews

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Rotem ****

From FuzeCard Facebook group

One of the coolest products I bought lately! My new smart card. All my credit cards and membership cards on one small plastic(!) It has Bluetooth, a battery, eInk display. And works like magic!

Stef ****

From Indiegogo contributor's review

Hi all, received my Fuze card yesterday :) here in Switzerland. First impression: adding cards with the app is quite easy, but the small card reader is a bit buggy: needed to swipe every card about 20 times to get them added (after 1st or 2nd swipe the app shows 50% completed, but that it take another 20 swipes or so to reach 100%)
Also used the card with a terminal at lunchtime (with a lot of people asking which card I'm using). Most of CH terminals are EMV terminals and require to insert the card first to activate magnetic swiping (no need to make it fail 3 times) so 2 steps to be able to use the Fuze to pay... but worked as a charm for both debit&credit cards (I actually paid in 5 payment to test all cards at once) :)

Jason ******

From FuzeCard Facebook group

My 2nd card has been working well. I put it between 2 other cards in my wallet and it has been fine for over a month. The barcode scanned fine at BJ's and then EMV bypass worked. 
It did stop registering at 50% battery life, but after I charged it it was working again.
I've said it before, I think the strength of the signal on the stripe needs to be stronger.

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Paul ** ****

From FuzeCard Facebook group

Backer from Australia. Have had mine for a week or so now. Had success in lots of places using the workaround as almost everywhere here uses chip readers.
Only place I regularly visit where it doesn't seem to work is Coles.

Dany ********

From FuzeCard Facebook group

Got my card. After a bumpy start with registering my cards through the reader - the product swipes and works flawlessly...
Seems that Fuze did a good job...

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